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2018 Bib Gourmand list includes forty-eight restaurants in Seoul

While the restaurants on Bib Gourmand cannot compare with the luxury of Michelin Guide starred restaurants, the affordability of Bib Gourmand more than makes up for it!

The separate listing of Bib Gourmand was created in 1957, using the pictogram of the Michelin Tire mascot, Bibendum, licking his lips after enjoying a delicious meal.

To be included on the list, restaurants must have outstanding meals under a certain price, based on the cost of living in the specific region. In Europe, meals must be 35 Euros or less, 5000 yen in Japan, 40 dollars in the United States, and 35,000 won in Korea.

This year, 12 new restaurants were added to the previous year’s list, for a grand total of 48 restaurants in Seoul.

Detailed information on each of the restaurants can be found on the official Seoul Michelin Guide website.

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