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Torayvino relaunches as IVO water purifier in the Philippine

Japan’s preferred brand for high water purifying efficiency at the convenience of your own home and space

There are a lot of benefits when someone owns a purifier at home or at the office. Aside from the fact that one can save many pesos a month, having your own purifier ensures security from strangers and assures highest purity standard when it comes to water quality and would no longer have to be handled and delivered by a third party whose compliance to health and sanitation is hugely unknown. It can even save space as most of us would need storage for 5-gallon containers and operating water dispensers.

Consumers can do away with water PET bottles when they own purifiers at home, and reduces plastic waste therefore helping save the environment. Because of these reasons, water purifiers are gaining traction in the local market.

Introduced two years ago in the Philippine market under the original brand name of Torayvino, a wholly Japanese technology faucet-mounted water purifier is being re-launched in the country this April. The IVO, short for Innovation and Evolution, will now hit the stores starting this month as a brand for safe and secure water purifiers. According to Toray Industries of Japan, producer of IVO, Moduvi, Inc. will still be the exclusive distributor of IVO in the country, despite the change in brand name from Torayvino.

Torayvino is the dominant water purifier in the Japanese market with 66 percent of the consumers using the brand. Worldwide, Torayvino has already sold over 1 billion units of these water purifiers.

Toray Industries of Japan was founded in 1926 and has consolidated sales of more than 2 trillion yen and employees of over 45,000 worldwide. Its businesses are in fiber and textiles such as those used by Uniqlo’s Airism and Heattech lines, plastics and chemicals, IT-related products, carbon fiber composite materials such as those used in aircrafts, environment and engineering, and life science such as hollow fiber membrane filters used in Toray’s dialysis machines, artificial kidneys, and Torayvino water purifiers.

The 0.1 micron filtration of Torayvino, or IVO in the Philippines, ensures 99.99 percent bacteria-free water without unduly sacrificing water flow or pressure. The filter is able to remove disease-causing microorganisms in water such as Amoeba, Salmonella Typhi (Typhoid Fever), Vibrio Cholerae (Cholera), E. Coli up to the 0.1 micron unit.

IVO also removes residual chlorine, harmful chemicals, bad odor, rust, sand, sediments, and other impurities and has three selections: filtered spray (for drinking); unfiltered spray which is recommended for washing vegetables and dishes and unfiltered straight which is for other regular kitchen activities. The unfiltered spray also gives you 30% water savings because it has more area coverage than unfiltered straight which is perfect for washing your dishes.

There is no plumbing and no electricity are required in installing IVO filters as they are easy to install and eco-friendly.

Moduvi’s General Manager Donna Yan said the company is bringing IVO to North America and other Asian countries.

Yan said that Moduvi will continue in aggressively promoting IVO filtration systems in condominiums, where space is limited and water delivery can be time consuming and troublesome. This is apart from its marketing tie-up with O Shopping (TV) and outlets of True Value and All Home.

An IVO filtration unit costs P1,980 with a cartridge that has a capacity of 1,500 liters or about 79 pieces of 5- gallon containers. A typical family of 3 to 5, with an average consumption of 15L per day, can use the filter for three months.

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