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A different steak experience at Stoned Steaks

Steaks are a complicated thing. You can get it at rare, medium rare or well-done. Sometimes, the way it is cooked doesn’t fit well to your liking but, for a couple who thought that maybe you can cook your own steak at your own pace, Stoned Steaks is the right restaurant for you.

As you step in at STONED STEAKS, you’ll get a feeling this is going to be a feast out of the ordinary. With steaks as your meal and have it paired with good wine, for sure, you’re in for an amazing treat.

For a couple who has been to many parts of the world and giving their tongues a taste of different cuisines, the owners of Stoned Steaks encountered a different way of preparing steaks while on a cruise ship — served on top of a hot lava rock. This experience made way for Stoned Steaks.

A dry-aging meat cabinet, that exposes the meat maturing, will be ready for serving in 28 days. It transparently shows the cleanliness and expertise of the restaurant for high-end meat.

A large, wide-screen TV shows how you’re going to prepare your food. You just can’t wait to put those steaks on your mouth. They serve Angus Steak imported from the USA, and Wagyu Steak with grade 4 and 6 meat from Australia.

When they serve the steak, it will be on top of a 700-degree lava rock cooked to your heart’s desire. To top off the heavenly meat experience, you have 7 different sauces to choose from for you to dip the meat. But it is also guaranteed that even with only salt and pepper to taste, the meat is enough to take you in a gastronomical experience.

Of course, there is so much in the menu worth trying for at Stoned Steaks. Anyone who appreciates French fries, the appetizer with hand cubed potatoes, sprinkled with Parmesan and truffle with 2 sauces of your choice, can surely say that this restaurant provides the best food there is on their menu.

One can also try the cream of pumpkin soup, their baked oysters, and their sweet and indulgent, home-made ice cream.

In addition to the restaurant, they also have three event rooms where one can book for business meetings and parties for a consumable price.

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