AirAsia wants Filipinos to fly more through its all-new BIG Loyalty Freedom Flyer Programme

AirAsia representatives with Captain Dexter Comendador (3rd from right) AirAsia PH CEO and said Sereen Teoh (middle), acting CEO for AirAsia BIG Loyalty

With a half billion passengers flown, AirAsia is now going to the extra mile in making every Filipino fly even more.

With its launch of the first Freedom Flyer Programme to Filipinos, the AirAsia Big Loyalty App will enable Filipinos to fly frequently, earn and use points for purchasing tickets, and use the BIG membership for seat sales.

The AirAsia BIG Loyalty Freedom Flyer programme is different from the usual miles system used by other airlines. “Essentially with points, it’s not the fixed value so for example, for earning and using the points, it varies when you’re flying with us,” said Dana Tan, commercial manager for Philippines AirAsia BIG Loyalty.

Tan further explained that for an instance, an AirAsia Gold member flyer can actually get more points than if one is flying as a Red member.

And moving up to statuses from Red to Gold then Platinum and Black is very easy. One would only need to fly more frequently. To be a Red status member, Filipinos need to only fly zero to 13 one-way flights every year while being a Gold member need only to maintain 14 to 23 one-way flights. Also, membership is absolutely FREE.

Sample AirAsia Membership Card which can be available on the BIG Loyalty App

In order to achieve Platinum status, Filipinos would only need 24 to 29 one-way flights while achieving Black needs more than 50 flights per year to maintain membership status.

To achieve points, it would depend on what membership status you are in. For Red, get 20 points for every 125 pesos spent, 40 points for Gold and 70 points for Platinum. To get 120 points for every 125 pesos spent, one must be a Black member. All membership status are available in one single app.

Another reason to fly with AirAsia as a member is the exclusivity to redeem flight sales for better savings.

Every first Monday of each month, AirAsia offers up to 90% seat sale for their Final Call offer while on every 3rd Monday of the month, Final Call X offers up to 80% discount. For fixed points, a 70% discount is available all year round. Free seats are also up for grabs for member-exclusive offers and the RED Hot Piso Sale Fare.

AirAsia Philippines’s CEO Captain Dexter Comendador said during the launch, “We value customer experience at all points of the journey from the purchase of the ticket, from leaving the airport, on board and on to the destination. We are extending the AirAsia service even beyond.”

Tan also explained that a lot of people don’t actually have a big amount of points to use but with AirAsia, Filipinos can actually start using their points already. “That’s how we’re different from earning and using miles. If you don’t have full points, you can still use it and use cash for the remaining balance.”

AirAsia Philippines market target are usually the millenials who are aged 25 to 35 years old or those who just started flying.

“Philippines and India has the highest growth in terms of membership,” said Sereen Teoh, acting chief executive officer for AirAsia BIG Loyalty. “So it’s double digit growth every year.”

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