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Around the world with Maja Salvador

By Maridol Ranoa-Bismark

Maja Salvador works hard and plays hard.  She runs, kicks her legs up, up, up, jumps, up, up, up and hits the sack at home as if she carried a ton of bricks with her bare hands.

Maja with younger brother Kirby, who says his actress-sister is “the best ever.”

The good thing is, this award-winning actress knows all work and on play makes Jane a dull girl.  Work-life balance is big deal for her. So she packs her backs and escapes to familiar and unfamiliar destinations to recharge with loved ones.

“Travel is educational,” she beams.  “You learn about other  cultures by studying museum exhibits. It feeds your mind.”

So the Dance Princess makes it a point to get away from it all for a few weeks, usually during the Christmas holidays.  Last year, she took time off from taping her hit ABS-CBN series “Wildflower” to visit her mom Thelma and her new husband Roy Linklater in Alberta, Canada, where she enjoyed the extra-cool climate and the snow.

Maja (foreground) with (from left) brother Kirby, mom Thelma and stepdad Roy Linklater in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

It was tough stepping off one plane and boarding another one that brought her to Canada.  But Maja didn’t mind the distance, the long hours it took to get to her destination, and the exhausting ride.

“It’s worth it,” she says.

Her wide smile as she posed for the photos she posted on Instagram proves this.

“Thank you Lord for the Family Time #BestGiftThisChristmas,” she posted.

After Canada, Maja packed her bags again and flew to New York, where her siblings were excitedly waiting for her. It must have been deja vu for the loving siblings, since Maja took a side trip to visit younger brother Kirby in the Big Apple, when noontime show ASAP went on a world tour there in 2016.

No wonder Kirby think his Ate Maja as “the best talaga.”

Of course, Maja didn’t forget her special someone while she was in New York.  She posted a photo of herself and the non-showbiz guy staring at each other’s eyes, their arms around each other, while the tranquil waters as fitting backdrop.

Maja can’t get enough of New York, her favorite travel destination.

“My siblings are there (she has a sister named Marie). I just walk around the city. There are Pinoys everywhere,” she explains.

Maja also rewinds Audrey Hepburn’s classic romcom “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in her mind, imaging herself entering the building the famous actress stepped into, and doing other things she did in the Big Apple.

Sometimes, New York-based Pinoys would ask her to pose for photos with them, and Maja doesn’t mind being pleasantly interrupted.

Maja and her family dressed like Eskimos in the brrr weather.

After all, fans keep her career alive and well in the face of competition from stars. And she loves them to the moon and back.

Maja also bumped into her beloved fans while enjoying the sights and sounds of Japan, Seoul, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Great Britain and the Netherlands and other parts of the US. Maja waved at them while swimming in scenic Bali, Indonesia.

Travel also lets Maja bond with her girlfriends. In 2016, this ocean lover gave herself a post-birthday treat by donning her bikini and feeling the soft sand of Coron and Bohol beaches under her bare feet.  She dubbed the experience the “Best Escapade Anyone Can Have.”

Take it from Maja.  The travel bug is a friend you’d love to take with you, especially when life gets too stressful and you’re aching to get away from it all.

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