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At 35, Minute Burger’s road to success looks smoother than ever

They say that professional athletes reach their prime when they hit their mid-30s. At this stage of their career, amazing and record-breaking performances are bound to happen. With Minute Burger celebrating its 35th birthday, it’s only a matter of time before the franchise company ultimately reaches and breaks the glass ceiling.

Franchisees, chief executives, and employees responsible for turning Minute Burger into one of the country’s most recognized food franchises gathered in a one-night banquet to look back and remember history-making events that got the company where it is today. It was an eye-opening tribute that traced back the company’s first defeat and come from behind win, which everyone – especially the pioneers who helped the then company-operated fast-food establishment overcome early struggles – considers an inspiration to never look back again.

With over 430 stores and a solid expansion plan to bolster its business development outside

established strongholds, the company had its share of depressing moments that took some years to recover from. Back in the late 80s, fast food brands were sprouting rapidly, and the company thought that it would be missing a lot if Minute Burger did not introduce itself properly at an era where consumers had already warmed up to quick service establishments. Minute Burger aggressively multiplied in key provinces and municipalities where there were no signs of competition.

But just after a few years, top management saw that growth was not moving progressively. Competition started to heat up, too. Admittedly, the brand struggled to keep up throughout the 90s. Management had to painfully close stores, including the first outlet where Minute Burger was birthed.

In the 2000s Minute Burger would find its rhythm again after opening its stores to franchising. Shortly, the brand’s Buy One, Take One pricing would become the strong puff of air that cleared small patches of dark clouds that were obscuring the company’s bright future from plain sight.

Speaking more about record-breaking performances, the franchise took a [calculated] leap of faith when the BIG TIME product line entered the playing field in 2012. That might have caught a lot of people caught off-guard. But for a company trying to catch new winds, the upgrade evidently steered their boat in a land where opportunities are ready for harvest.

Minute Burger keeps coming up with surprises. Once fighting a battle for survival, the franchise has since been able to connect the dots and keep winning amidst odds and threats. At only 35, there’s plenty of time for this 24/7 burger shop to reign supreme in a crowded universe of food franchises that whip up products that are value for money.

It won’t come as a shock if you come across several Minute Burger stores from corner to corner. And we’re talking about more than 500 stores nationwide!

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