Celebrate Digital Nomads Festival PH : Nomadhood is The Future of Work and Travel

Updated: Oct 16

(by: @AsiaTVOfficial )

COVID-19, if anything, teaches many to take a few steps back. Declutter, live simply, work moderately, go local, and appreciate people and the planet.

Imagine… with very few things, your laptop, and a backpack, you can work from anywhere? It’s now more than possible to support local tourism while spending less, and wasting less!

Maybe the “digital nomad” life is for you, if you want to work from anywhere… at cafes, beaches, or hotel rooms - name it! While digital nomads have existed since the rise of Zoom, GoToMeeting, and other conferencing platforms - they now represent professional freedom.

In the Philippines, Nomadhood.co is the latest community not only for ex-pats, or domestic tourists but especially for these hardworking travelers. The new website will soon offer online and offline spaces to find safe, comfortable, efficient, and even sustainable working conditions around the country.

To launch Nomadhood.co, in partnership with @AsiaTVOfficial, Metro Channel, and Metro.Style, the Philippines’ very first hybrid DIGITAL NOMAD FESTIVAL is slated on 23 October 2021, Saturday, at 1 PM GMT+8.

1) Tune-in via YouTube @AsiaTVOfficial: Interactive dialogue between the Tourism Promotions Board and Junior Tourism and Hospitality Management Association, with international guest speakers, games, and breakouts games with Pinoy digital nomad influencers

2) Visit Offline at partner destinations: Get a FREE/ discounted welcome drink and Nomadhood merchandise, at any of the 3:

  • Sinag Hostel - Siargao 3167 Brgy. Catangnan, Siargao Island

  • Marina de Bay- Purok Sandiwa Barangay Tiniguiban, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island Iconik Travels

  • UP Town Center- SDG Builders Group-Garden Tower Hub

Register at www.Nomadhood.co for FREE tickets, and get a chance to even WIN a free 1-MONTH stay in Siargao for digital nomads!!!

Everybody dreams to move from congested urban areas, back to nature, to walk freely and breathe fresh air. But with the hassle of fluctuating quarantine protocols, it only makes sense with fast internet and protocol-compliant coworking spaces.

By year two of lockdowns, businesses continue to reimagine the New Normal. According to the recently concluded Tech in Asia Conference: “There’s no doubt that if businesses and organizations don’t digitalize, they’re going to get left behind.”

The pandemic comes with the creative responsibility, too, of rethinking plastic waste, growing organic food, protecting biodiversity, and promoting clean energy, among best practices by development projects of the SDG Builders Group. Everybody is called to chime in. Leaving nobody behind is at the fingertips of the tourism and hospitality sector, and with internet providers expanding access and governments easing public health concerns, we can begin to reimagine what was once unimaginable: The Future of Work and Travel.

TAKE THE DIGITAL NOMAD SURVEY: www.nomadhood.co/survey

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