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earAccess provides affordable hearing aid for Filipinos

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Audra Renyi assesses the ear of a child

Over 17 million Filipinos suffer different levels of hearing impairment and access to hearing aids can only be expensive in a country with limited hearing aid resources. But, with earAccess finally entering the Philippine market, Filipinos will have the chance to hear crystal clear sound.

Its founder, Audra Renyi who is currently the executive director of World Wide Hearing Foundation International, dedicated her life after working as a banker at Wall Street to help people with hearing loss. She aimed for hearing aids to be accessible. She wants to ensure that everyone who needs the technology can have access to quality and affordability.

Over 17 million Filipinos suffer different levels of hearing loss.

“This cause is close to my heart,” said Renyi. “My father and aunt developed hearing loss as children and have been wearing hearing aids for decades,” she added.

When Renyi found out that fewer than 3% of people with hearing loss worldwide have access to hearing aids mainly because of the prohibitive price, she was shocked. “I told myself that this is not fair, I have to change this!”

The earAccess technology is accessible and affordable.

earAccess offers a complete line of hearing aids for all types of hearing losses and fitting styles that are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by FINE Nutrition Trading International. It has trained promoters to fit ACCESS 1 and ACCESS 2 hearing aids.

FINE Nutrition Trading International President, Imelda Tesalona, she is very happy to be partners with Renyi in distributing the products to Filipinos in need. As a registered pharmacist herself, Tesalona believes that helping Renyi’s cause is also helping the hearing-impaired Filipinos.

Tesalona said, “We are happy to distribute ACCESS® hearing aids to the Philippines, in consonance with our vision to promote only high-quality beauty and wellness products.”

Affordable hearing aid for everyone.

Watsons stores will also be the selling platform for the affordable hearing aid. “With Watsons stores as the main selling platform, we know that very soon, more Filipinos with hearing concerns will have access to hearing aids that are inexpensive yet of undeniable quality,” Tesalona added.

earAccess professionals can give a quick and free hearing test. They will provide the further guidance and professional advice for people who want to avail earAccess products.

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