Experience Summer

Summer is always the time for rest, relaxation, and that much-needed “recharging time” for everyone. Something about school and work schedules plus the lovely weather, especially in the tropics, makes summer the season for fun and frolic. Whether you’ve planned a family getaway abroad or are simply taking the opportunity to visit family in your hometown, summer is the time to experience getting away from what you’ve been doing for the rest of the year.

Celebrate Traditions

Feasts are scheduled in the summer. In the Philippines, the Christian Holy Week falls in the season, which offers not only a series of holidays but various great opportunities to get in touch with one’s spirituality. The entire week sees a quiet Metro Manila with the serenity pierced only by traditional droning of the pabasa (a singing of the Passion of the Christ in the streets) and a procession or two of various saints.

Towns and baranggays also celebrate their feast days in May, which means eating and street games and the traditional pageant called Santacruzan. Whether in the city or in the provinces, summer is the time for neighbors to come together and have fun.

Learn Something New

Summer is also the time to learn something new. As the kids take a break from school and the adults file long vacation leaves, summer classes in swimming and singing and sports are held. The more adventurous can take up surfing and scuba or wall climbing and wake boarding. Whatever the case, summer is usually the time to take in new experiences.

Take Time to Renew

So whether you’re sailing to the beach to laze in the sun or driving up to Baguio or Tagaytay for the chilly breeze, make sure you make the most out of your summer experience this year. Take the time to rest, relax, and recharge and make sure that you experience everything the season has to offer.

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