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Ginebra San Miguel's One Gin Nation

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

For 184 years, Ginebra San Miguel has given Filipinos the taste of world class gin and quality of the country’s pioneering spirit. Throughout those years, Filipinos have always preferred Ginebra as their top choice for drinking either a mix in cocktails inside bars or barely just the tonic itself at the street sides celebrating thee Filipino way of life.

As the world’s famous and top seller of gin celebrates the World Gin Day, it also celebrates the Filipino spirit of bayanihan through our own One Gin Nation.

During the World Gin Day: One Gin Nation celebration, celebrity performers, mixologists, chef and gin lovers were invited to celebrate the worldwide 10th year anniversary of the annual party that was held at the Green Sun Hotel last June 7. Check out some of the photos and videos that happened during the fun celebration.

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Ginebra's 2018 Calendar Girl, Myrtle Sarrosa

Philippines' top country mixologists Kalel Demetrio, Icy Marinas and Enzo Lim made mixes that represented the three main islands of the Philippines - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, respectively.

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Mixologist Kalel Demetrio and his "Quatro Katipunero Sour" Ginebra cocktail

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Icy Marinas proud of her Cebu mango-based "In It to Gin-It" cocktail

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Enzo Lim with his concoctio of the "Samal Beach Cocktail" Ginebra gin mix

Ginebra San Miguel's Ron Molina shared his insights on One Gin Nation for the World Gin Day - a celebration of Filipino's culture of fun and drinking through Ginebra.

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Ron Molina, General Marketing Manager of Ginebra San Miguel

Rockstar Chef Rolando Laudico was also present and made delectable pulutan that matched Filipino taste buds and of course, Ginebra San Miguel gin drink!

A competition was also held at the World Gin Day celebration where 5 mixologists from different hotels in the Philippines competed for the best cocktail mix!

And here are the amazing performances done by Myrtle Sarrosa, rapper and songwriter Quest and Enzo Lim at Ginebra San Miguel's #WorldGinDayPH celebration!

Here's a toast for #WorldGinDay from #WorldGinDayPH!

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#WorldGinDayPH celebration

World Gin Day was founded by British blogger Neil Houston and is celebrated every 2nd Saturday of June. World Gin Day is also celebrated in United Kingdom, Australia and in the United States.

In the Philippines, World Gin Day was first celebrated in 2014 coinciding with the celebration of Ginebra San Miguel’s 180th anniversary, highlighted by the launch of a travelling exhibit showcasing the brand’s colourful history and rich heritage.

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