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Grand Villas Highlight Eskaya Resort expansion

Planning to spend a well-deserved vacation for this year? Well, better be early in your planning as luxurious Eskaya Resort in Bohol has something new for its loyal and new guests.

Eskaya has just completed the construction of nine new villas at its 15-hectare property on Panglao Island so guests will have more options to choose from. There are two family villas complete with two bedrooms, a living room and private whirlpool. The newest category covers eight Grand villas compared to existing villas with their bahay kubo-inspired design, with a Grand villa that has a more contemporary design.

“Most of our previous villas accommodate either two persons or a group of six or seven. But if a family of four or five is planning to stay, they have to book two villas. So we decided to create the Grand villa to cater to this segment,” explained Ralph Lim, Eskaya Resort president and COO.


Tuna Tartare

Lim said that all new villas have been designed by Filipino architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa, renowned for his support of Philippine architecture and the use of local materials in his designs.

Grand Villa

In addition to the villas, there are new resort amenities like a tennis court, basketball court and gym, now made available after guests inquired about them. “What many people don’t know is that there are other things to do in Bohol. Guests can easily go to the main island where they can experience forests, rivers, and falls, among others. They’re not just restricted to Panglao Island when they stay at Eskaya,” he added.

The expansion at Eskaya Resort is in preparation for an expected increase in tourist arrivals to the island with the completion of Panglao International Airport.

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