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Instituto Cervantes To Open a Cultural Center in Intramuros

Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish cultural center, will unveil on May 8 its second branch in Metro Manila with the inauguration of Instituto Cervantes Intramuros, located at Casa Azul, Plaza San Luis Complex, next to San Agustin Church. The new cultural center, made possible through a partnership with Intramuros Administration, will provide Intramuros a quality cultural program on regular basis, with the aim of fostering cultural dialogue and contributing to the reinforcement of the historical heart of Metro Manila as a first-class cultural hub.

Located at Casa Azul, a two-floor replica of a 19th-century Philippine house, Instituto Cervantes Intramuros will offer to the public an Auditorium, an Exhibition Room, classrooms, and a Library containing over 30,000 items.

The Exhibition Room 60-sqm will provide a versatile space for the exhibition of prime materials, and selected artworks or general information.

The 90-sqm Auditorium allows a capacity for 90 seats. Conferences, talks, concerts, as well as foreign and local films will be programmed on a regular basis. This free platform for culture will be accessible to local audiences, international events, symposia, etc.

The upper floor of the building will host the library of Instituto Cervantes de Manila. Named after the famous Spanish poet, Miguel Hernández Library, with over 30,000 items is ranking number one in the Philippines in number of Spanish & Latin American materials. It also includes a valuable Filipiniana collection, and a number of new publications in Spanish related to Philippine studies, literature, and non-fiction.

Although focused on the cultural offer, Instituto Cervantes Intramuros will also attend the growing demand of Spanish language and will make accessible to Manila students the learning of the language. As the fastest growing language in the world, Spanish has become a source of professional improvement for Filipinos. Call centers, nurses, doctors, scholars, lawyers, among others, are in need of mastering Spanish, which is nonetheless very familiar to Filipino speakers. Instituto Cervantes is a worldwide non-profit organization created by the Spanish government in 1991. It is the largest organization in the world dedicated to promote the knowledge of Spanish and Latin-American cultures, and the teaching of the Spanish language. Currently, Instituto Cervantes is located in 44 countries over the five continents. With its new branch in Intramuros, the Spanish cultural center will extend the cultural and academic offer already available at Makati. Top intellectuals and artists, like Nobel Award Winner Mario Vargas Llosa, renowned economist Ramón Tamames, or movie star Maribel Verdú, have graced Instituto Cervantes de Manila with their presence.

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