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Kisses and her travel necessities

By Maridol Ranoa-Bismark

Photo taken from her IG account (@kissesdelavin)

The star who feels she was a traveller in her past life, Kisses Delavin has a list of must-haves in her backpack or luggage. What's inside her luggages?

1. Skin care products

These include skin care products like moisturizer for the cold weather and sunscreen for warm temperatures.

2. Book

She brings a book to read on those long trips.

3. Headphones

She also brings along a pair of headphones that lets her enjoy a favorite playlist for hours on end.

“You can listen to it while walking,” she explains.

4. Cardigans

Kisses also packs cardigans for her travels to countries with cold climates, layered outfits in pastel colors, and lots of accessories inside her luggage.

“What I do is pack a few things then buy others in my travel destination so my bag is not that full,” she adds.

Indeed, Kisses has become a travel authority. And the travel bug has definitely bit her hard.

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