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Manila Design Studio Still Believes In the Power of Outdoor Design

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Studio O believes in the power of Outdoor Design.

Studio O, the design team behind the logos and identities of some the country’s biggest brands including Valkyrie and the Brewery at The Palace, Draft, the RACKS group, and Bistro Group’s Krazy Garlik, is keen to prove that outdoor design has the power to excite.

“People are always on their phones so the moment they look up, you need to give them something worthwhile to look at” says Olivia Repotente, Founding Art Director of Studio O. “Outdoor design has the power to capture the imagination. You just have to be clear, thoughtful, and smart.”

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Brand identity for ADB event by Studio O.

An example of this is Studio O’s latest work at the 51st Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting recently. “We developed the Brand Identity for the ADB event, and their applications on print, digital, OOH, and Exhibit Space” says Repotente. “We sought to powerfully connect the event’s message with viewers who had limited viewing time and attention spans.”

When it comes to out of home (OOH) signs, such as entrance gate banners and billboards, Studio O insists on being intentional about all design elements. “With billboards, you can only say so much,” says Repotente. “So it’s important to work with short, well-defined copy and then use size, scale, and color to burn the message into the mind of the viewer.

“Scale and perception are crucial,” she continues. “People must be able to read words suspended 30ft off the ground. It helps to place things in a logical yet interesting way, to engage the mind. Proportion, off-beat placement, and breathing space are all helpful tools to achieve this.”

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Color is important for Studio O in empowering brands.

Color is also important, she adds. “When you’re dealing with a busy skyline, it’s important to be striking. Color and hierarchy – the placement and narrative flow of text – are powerful ways to cut through the urban chaos and capture eyeballs.

“Brands need people to remember their messaging, especially when they’re up against apps, social media, and cat pictures.”

Brand Identity Design and its cohesive application to print, digital, and spatial touchpoints is Studio O’s DNA, says Repotente. “It’s an art form for us. But the client is always first. And as long as the client is seen, heard, and remembered, our work is done.”

Experience Travel and Living
Banners at EDSA by Studio O.

Studio O is a boutique design agency that has been quietly busy working with brands in the Philippines and Asia. They have designed exhibitions including the Design Green Exposition by Pomeroy Studio in Singapore and The ADB Manila 2018 Launch Exhibit in Yokohama, Japan.

Other projects include product launch creatives and pop-up store design for Starbucks Teavana, brand identity design for Revolution Precrafted, and Century City’s wayfinding and outdoor graphic design.

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