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The ‘LAV’ that won’t easily break

Being a homemaker is not an easy task especially for those who are just starting to build their family. Some work outside, while some choose to stay at home to tend to the family. For those who opt to stay at home, the kitchen is like their office. This is where the “work” is done, and as such, investing in high quality kitchen equipment is a must. Not only it is cost-effective as you save more by having utensils and tools that last long, but also quite pleasing to those who will use it. When choosing a product, it is best to look for its quality and practicality, with its aesthetics as an added bonus.

In the kitchen, what we replace the most is our glassware. As glasses tend to break and shatter easily, it is essential to look for a brand that is durable and sturdy.

Going to world fairs is one way of searching for quality glassware products that are perfect for your kitchen. Last June, Turkey’s trusted glassware brand LAV participated at the Manila Foods and Beverages Expo (MAFBEX) 2017 which was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Held annually, MAFBEX is a showcase of both the pillars and amateurs in the food industry, featuring over 500 booths and 300 international and local companies and their products. With such a large-scale event that features the best in the industry, it is no wonder that LAV was part of it.

Formerly known as Gürallar, LAV is a trusted European glassware brand that is made in Turkey. In 1994, Gürallar played an important role in the development of the industry by breaking the monopoly in table glassware. In 2014, the company moved forward with the brand LAV to welcome a corporate renovation. LAV is available in 130 countries and produces at least 256 kinds of glassware products bearing the ISO 9001 and TSE 22000 Quality Certificates.

LAV offers a wide selection of stemware, beer glasses, dessert cups, bowls, pitchers, pitcher sets, jars, service plates, food storage containers and more. Made of soda ash lime material, LAV products are stain-resistant, scratch-proof, clear and do not become cloudy. LAV products can also hold both warm and cold liquids. For those who want to add some color in their kitchen, LAV has colored glassware products which are painted using food grade organic materials and are lead-free.

What sets LAV apart from other glassware brands is that its products are durable and do not easily shatter when accidentally dropped. Aside from its durability, LAV comes in many shapes, designs and colors that will surely add sophistication and elegance to your table. It is also affordable than any other glassware brands which makes it a perfect choice for those who value practicality and quality.

True to its aim, LAV continues to provide high-quality, innovative and sophisticated glassware products that can match the modern lifestyle and discerning taste of Filipinos.

LAV is exclusively distributed in major retail and department stores nationwide by Much Prosperity Trading International, Inc. (MPTII), one of the best suppliers and distributors of quality houseware products in the country for over 50 years.

For more information about LAV, visit the official Facebook page – LAV Philippines or For product inquiries email

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