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The many colors of leisurely comfort

By Ruby Asoy-Lebajo

Photos By Renjie Tolentino

Among Palawan’s newest hotels, Hue Hotels and Resorts Puerto Princesa is considered by many to be the most stylish with its spectrum of offerings that add color to your leisure getaway. Situated right in the heart of the city, its decor is inspired by Palawan’s lush environment, with wide-open spaces that echo the province’s tag as the “Garden City of the Philippines.”

Hue Puerto Princesa is inspired by modern-day Princess Eulalia, an avid traveler with elegant taste, with the hotel that she designed herself as her home.

“The word “glocal” (“global” and “local”) was our foundation in every design-related decision,” explains general manager Chris Guballa. “It caters to a global market yet stays true to our local roots as seen in the interiors of the hotel.”

Hue Hotels and Resorts, seen as chic and creative with a forward-looking design and culturally rooted architecture, is under Luana Lifestyle and Leisure Hotel Inc. It is managed by Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII), which exemplifies high standards of operations to delight its partners and guests.

The hotel’s look is one of its selling points, with facilities and amenities that cater to diverse guests’ needs. The lobby floor design represents mangrove (bakawan) roots, an essential element of the island’s abundant marine life. The reception area artworks depict birds in flight, and beautiful birdcages hang as ballroom accents to evoke the island’s splendor.

The hotel also advocates sustaining the community through local products and culture. Apart from its vivid interiors, its food and beverage offering is also a draw. The Matiz Tapas Bar & Restaurant has classic Filipino and Spanish food, plus Vietnamese dishes that pay homage to Puerto Princesa’s Vietnamese community. Chef Gabby Prats’ Matiz paella, based on an heirloom Spanish recipe, is a must try.

As an emerging destination in Palawan, with its breathtaking limestone cliffs, secluded beaches, historical landmarks, and pasalubong shopping of delicacies and finds, Hue Puerto Princesa can also take guests to the province’s many tourist spots. The Underground River, one of the 7 Wonders of the World and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baker’s Hill with its famous bakery and garden, Butterfly Eco Garden and Tribal Village, Rancho Mitra, Elephant Cave, Baywalk Plaza Quartel, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and Buenavista View Deck, are just some of them.

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