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THE VIRTUS AWARDS Making a mark in the tourism industry

The Virtus Awards’ quest for creativity, innovation and excellence is now on its third year. The multi-category competition offers a unique platform among hotel sales and marketing professionals in the country to tell their stories of excellence and success that resonate well beyond the hotel and resort industry. It acknowledges customer and business-focused strategies as well as innovative and creative programs that bring about measurable results and return on investments to their properties. The Virtus Awards is designed to shift paradigms in hospitality excellence.

The Virtus Awards was launched in 2015 by the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA) in collaboration with industry stakeholders. There are three individual awards and one corporate award given out once a year. The individual awards (Associate, Manager and Leader) cover positions in room sales, events management, catering, reservation, public relations and communications, and revenue management. The corporate award recognizes the most outstanding marketing campaign that is built around a single, unified theme.

As the HSMA continues to grow, with 80 member-properties to-date, “the Virtus Awards has propelled the HSMA into another level of advocacy and raised the bar in the delivery of its objective of motivating and encouraging excellence among its ranks.”, quips Ms. Rose Libongco, Chairperson of the Virtus Awards. Rose further adds that “through the annual competition, we hope to ignite the passion and drive of hotels and resorts through their all-important sales and marketing team to excite the market, deliver vigorous business, make hearts beat a little faster, and yes, shake our world.”

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