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Time to switch to DLP Projectors

Tech Giant Acer launched recently two top quality projectors, the ES-12 and the X117H. These models use digital light processing (DLP) technology and high-performing and heavy-duty digital micromirror device (DMD) chips.

“DLP projector technology is different because of its digital micromirror device (DMD) chip that projects a thousand mirrors to compose a high-defi nition image. Other technology makes use of LCD panels to produce a colored image,” explained Faith Kuo of Acer Philippines. “The DMD Chip is highly durable and long-lasting which contributes to the DLP projector’s total cost of ownership.”

The Acer ES-12 has a standard resolution of 800×600, which can be maximized to a supported 1920×1200 resolution. Acer’s DLP technology 12 has 3,000 lumens, which can display brighter presentations. Despite brighter projection of images, the unit maintains quality by also providing 1.07 billion colors and provides a contrast ratio of 20,000:1. The new X117H model has the same features as the ES- 12, but delivers more brightness and vividness. It features 3,600 brightness with 20,000:1 contrast ratio compared to the mainstream brightness of 3,200 lumens and contrast ratio.

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