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When farmers come first: choosing to give back to the farmers of Bicol

About 44% of Bicol’s population is employed by the agriculture sector, making a number of families dependent on farming to sustain their daily needs. Unfortunately, most of them belong to the poor and vulnerable sectors, making it a challenge to send kids to school.

Seeing the need to provide sustainable livelihood to farmers, Rose Tan saw an opportunity in the abundant production of pili in the province. Through extensive research, creative innovation, and assistance from a team of scientists and experts, her group has developed a pili-derived substance that is used as an ingredient for beauty products.

These beauty products don’t only care for your skin but also for the welfare of farmers in Bicol.

Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E (Tocopherol), the oil extracted from pili fruit has natural anti-ageing components which could be found in PILI Beauty beauty products —an all-natural line of personal care products enhanced with pili and elemi oil.

Because of this new beauty brand, groups of farmers in Sorsogon and Camarines Sur have found an additional source of income. Harvesting pili oil empowers them, giving them a sustainable livelihood and more opportunities to improve their lives and be able to send their children to school.

Pili Farmers at work.

Alongside providing an additional income stream, farmers are also trained on zero waste management consciousness. They are taught means to maximize the use of every part of the pili nut and pulp to lessen wastage that may cause harm to the environment.

For PILI Beauty, the partnership with farmers is not simply providing short term livelihood solutions, it’s about sustainability and helping them uplift their lives. “Our goal is a long-term relationship with these farmers that will help upgrade their standards of living,” shares PILI Beauty’s visionary Founder Rose Tan.

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